The difference between successful and not so successful companies is frequently linked to the quality of their employees and the extent to which staff identify with the corporate goals. Finding the right candidates to fill management positions is thus a top priority - after all, in many cases this actually decides the fate of the company. 

For any consulting assignment we take on, we issue a guarantee to solve the problem. However large, difficult or unusual the project, we enter an obligation to succeed. We continue to work for the previously agreed fee until we have found the "right" candidate for the given position. 

Our particular strength is our sound judgement with regard to candidates. Many years of experience in management and consulting along with an above-average intuition with regard to people and the corporate environment help us to help you make the right decisions when it comes to appointing managers. Our clients can afford to take us at our word, as our guarantee to find the right candidate continues for 6 months after signing the employment contract.