Personnel Consultation


Personnel Consultancy 

Dr. Heimeier & Partner is a management and personnel consultancy with its headquarters in Stuttgart and with further business locations in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. As far as the occupation of management positions on higher and highest levels is concerned, we have been giving advice to companies of all sizes in industry, commerce, banking, services and public sector since 1989. Today we belong to the leading personnel companies in Germany. 

Our range of services includes searching for and selecting managers and high-ranking specialists, of temporary and interim managers at first and second management level. 

A comprehensive personnel management consultancy as well as the supportive advice in occupying boards of advisory and supervisory boards round off our spectrum of services. 

Our Consultancy Activity is orientated at 7 Basic Principles 

  1. Core of our consultant participation when occupying management positions is precise assessment of candidates with reference to their professional competency, personality, leadership potential and values related to the specific requirement profile and social environment. 
  2. Starting point of our consultancy activity is always a thorough analysis and a comprehensive briefing by our client including a systematic position and environment analysis, the development of a profile of requirements and the determination of a target field. 
  3. When searching for ideal candidates we utilize various methods: Identification and direct search of ideal candidates, search and targeted search for candidates via advertisements, utilization of internal and external data bases and access to our worldwide IMD network. 
  4. Our aim is not to find the "best", but the "right one". 
  5. Each project leader generates the consulting performance personally and links the professional goal setting with the company's success through personal commitment and guarantee of continuity as far as customer relationships are concerned. 
  6. We take on our exclusive consultancy assignments only in combination with a problem solving guarantee and thereby minimize the risk when occupying management positions. 
  7. With offices located in Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf we are regionwide always close to our customers and as a member of the worldwide IMD network can also exploit foreign markets to find ideal candidate potentials for our clients.