Working Method


Ever since the firm's establishment in 1989, we have been advising companies of every size from industry, commerce, banking, service industries and the public sector on appointing senior and top-level managers. 

Every year, we successfully fill over 300 positions; approximately 16,000 management staff a year contact us concerning their career planning, we arrange to meet and talk with around 3,500 of these in person. 

  • The key to our success is our self-imposed obligation only to take on consulting assignments with a guarantee that we will solve the problem. In this way, we minimising significantly the risk run by our clients in filling management positions. 
  • Our consulting activities concentrate in particular on assessing potential candidates on the basis of their professional know-how, personal qualities, management skills and values, which we compare with the specific requirement profile and social environment of our client company. 
  • Our aim is to find not the "best", but the "right" candidate for each firm. 
  • We begin by conducting detailed talks with the client, starting with a systematic analysis of the position to be filled and the working environment, and going on to draw up a requirement profile and determine the target area in which candidates are to be sought. 
  • We apply four methods in searching for suitable candidates: - Identifying and approaching suitable candidates directly - Recruitment and targeted addresses via advertisements
    - Use of internal and external databases (e.g. Internet)
    - Access to the contacts and files of our worldwide IMD network. 
  • Every project manager - whether a partner or a consultant - advises his or her own clients personally. In this sense we see ourselves as individual entrepreneurs, linking our professional goals with the success of the company. Personal commitment and continuity in our client relationships is thus guaranteed. 
  • From our offices in Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, we cover the whole of Germany and are always in the vicinity of our clients, with whom we work very closely in a long-term relationship on the basis of mutual trust. 

As a member of the world-wide IMD - International Search association, we also have direct access to national candidates on foreign markets through prominent local personnel consultants (our IMD PARTNERS ) and can tap their resources for our clients.